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Weather Cancellation Policy

Lightning or Thunder

NO games

NO Lighting

Games ON, regardless of weather (rain, snow, fog)

If games are cancelled due to weather or field conditions, we will post a notice on this website.
If morning games are cancelled, afternoon games may still be on.

The decision to cancel a game will be made by the Regional Commissioner, Coach Administrator and/or Referee Administrator.

We will try to reschedule cancelled games at a later date on a weeknight. Makeup schedules will be posted at this website.
Coaches will be responsible for determining if conditions are suitable for playing on the day of a makeup game. Coaches will contact the coach of the other team to confirm.
Coaches are also responsible for determining if conditions are suitable for practice.

A good rule of thumb - If there is lightning or thunder, the games will be temporary suspended or cancelled. If there is NO lighting or thunder, the games will be played. Rain without thunder or lightning is OK. Should the weather change during a game, the referee will make a decision. Fields should immediately be cleared in case of thunder or lightning. When games are temporary suspended for thunder or lightning, games cannot resume until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning. Take shelter in your cars for the duration of the thunder/lightning delay.