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Coach Access to Team Roster

To access you team roster, please logon to your Sports Connect account and navigate to your Team Page.
You can navigate to your Team Page in three ways.
Option #1: 
• Click on the Visit Team Page link on the My Account page in the Participants section.
• Click on the ROSTER tab.
Option #2:
• Click on the Volunteer tab.
• Click on Visit Team Page button
• Click on the ROSTER tab.
Option #3:
• Click on the Home tab.
• From the TEAM CENTRAL menu, select TEAM DIRECTORY.
• From the Program dropdown, select "Fall 20xx/Spring 20xx - Core Program".
• From the Division dropdown, select your division.
• Click on the Roster button for your team.

In order to get your roster from the ROSTER tab on your Team Page:
• Click on Print Roster link.
• Check the Select All checkbox. Uncheck fields you don't want to include in your report.
• Click on the Generate Roster button.
• Scroll down to view or export your roster.

If you don't see the Print Roster link on the ROSTER tab of your Team Page (see screenshot below), then your team roster has not been posted yet, or you might not have been linked to your team yet, or your background check has not been processed yet. In that case, please contact your division coordinator.

Uniform and Equipment Pick Up