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Playoff schedules for June have been posted!
(updated 5/12/2015 12:24 AM)

Teams in the U10, U12 and U14 divisions will by playing playoff games on
       Thursday June 4, Friday June 5, Saturday June 6 and Sunday June 7.
Each team is scheduled to play 3 pool games. These games have been added to the schedule.
The best ranked teams after pool play will advance to the finals. The finals will be played at 3:30 PM (boys) and 5:20 PM (girls) on Sunday June 7. Rules and other details are posted on the Playoffs page.


Download schedule to Excel spreadsheet

Spring 2015

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
U08G-1-1Dave Wallrichs 319-393-2950
U08G-1-2Matt Brunson 319-377-1048
U08G-1-3David Passmore 319-378-1334
U08G-1-4Brian Hall *319-849-8018
U08G-1-5Josh Budke *319-396-2123
U08G-1-6Karen Willett 319-431-7314
U08G-2-1Ron Smith *319-378-0352
U08G-2-2Chad Erickson 319-366-8079
U08G-5-1Kim Bielefeld *319-721-9449
U08G-5-2Maria Bowman 319-265-8434
U08G-6-1Mike Casey 319-378-6356
U08G-6-2Brad Butschi 319-270-9563
U08G-6-3Sean Eubanks 770-289-4771
U08G-MTV-1Chris Rodman *319-895-8317
U08G-VIN-1Kelly Griffith 319-202-8350
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 05/02/2015Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 05/02/201502:30 PM12U08G-5-1Kim BielefeldU08G-6-1Mike Casey
Sat 05/09/201502:30 PM12U08G-5-1Kim BielefeldU08G-1-2Matt Brunson
Sat 05/16/2015Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 05/16/201509:30 AM12U08G-5-1Kim BielefeldU08G-2-1Ron Smith
Sat 05/30/201501:00 PM10U08G-5-1Kim BielefeldU08B-VIN-02Jamie Farmer
Sat 06/06/201510:00 AM10U08G-5-1Kim BielefeldU08G-1-4Brian Hall
Sat 05/09/201511:30 AM12U08G-5-2Maria BowmanU08G-1-6Karen Willett
Sat 05/16/201508:30 AM12U08G-5-2Maria BowmanU08G-VIN-1Kelly Griffith
Sun 05/31/201501:30 PM12U08G-5-2Maria BowmanU08G-1-1Dave Wallrichs
Tue 05/05/201506:15 PM12U08G-1-2Matt BrunsonU08G-2-1Ron Smith
Thu 05/14/201506:15 PM13U08G-1-2Matt BrunsonU08G-1-4Brian Hall
Sun 05/17/201501:00 PM10U08G-1-2Matt BrunsonU08B-07Colleen Andrews
Sat 05/30/201511:30 AM7U08G-1-2Matt BrunsonU08G-1-3David Passmore
Sat 06/06/201508:30 AM12U08G-1-2Matt BrunsonU08G-MTV-1Chris Rodman
Sat 05/02/201511:30 AM7U08G-1-5Josh BudkeU08G-1-2Matt Brunson
Thu 05/14/201505:15 PM12U08G-1-5Josh BudkeU08G-5-1Kim Bielefeld
Mon 05/18/2015
05:30 PM
8U08G-1-5Josh BudkeU08B-06Paul Cassidy
Sat 05/30/201511:30 AM10U08G-1-5Josh BudkeU08G-6-1Mike Casey
Sat 06/06/201511:30 AM10U08G-1-5Josh BudkeU08G-1-3David Passmore
Sat 05/02/201502:30 PM7U08G-6-2Brad ButschiU08G-5-2Maria Bowman
Sat 05/09/201508:30 AM12U08G-6-2Brad ButschiU08G-6-3Sean Eubanks
Sat 05/16/201501:00 PM12U08G-6-2Brad ButschiU08G-1-6Karen Willett
Sat 06/06/201511:30 AM12U08G-6-2Brad ButschiU08G-2-2Chad Erickson
Sat 05/09/201501:00 PM10U08G-6-1Mike CaseyU08B-08David Hagen
Sat 05/16/201511:30 AM10U08G-6-1Mike CaseyU08G-1-2Matt Brunson
Tue 05/19/2015
05:15 PM
12U08G-6-1Mike CaseyU08G-1-4Brian Hall
Sun 05/31/201502:30 PM12U08G-6-1Mike CaseyU08G-2-1Ron Smith
Thu 05/14/201505:30 PM7U08G-2-2Chad EricksonU08G-5-2Maria Bowman
Sun 05/17/201501:00 PM12U08G-2-2Chad EricksonU08G-6-2Brad Butschi
Mon 05/18/2015
05:30 PM
10U08G-2-2Chad EricksonU08G-MTV-1Chris Rodman
Sat 05/30/201508:30 AM12U08G-2-2Chad EricksonU08G-1-6Karen Willett
Sat 05/16/201510:00 AM10U08G-6-3Sean EubanksU08G-2-2Chad Erickson
Tue 05/19/2015
05:30 PM
10U08G-6-3Sean EubanksU08G-5-2Maria Bowman
Sun 05/31/201504:30 PM12U08G-6-3Sean EubanksU08G-MTV-1Chris Rodman
Sat 06/06/201501:00 PM10U08B-03Christophe GrangerU08G-6-3Sean Eubanks
Sat 05/02/201511:30 AM12U08G-VIN-1Kelly GriffithU08G-2-2Chad Erickson
Thu 05/14/201505:30 PM10U08G-VIN-1Kelly GriffithU08G-1-1Dave Wallrichs
Tue 05/19/2015
05:30 PM
7U08G-VIN-1Kelly GriffithU08G-6-2Brad Butschi
Sat 05/30/201501:00 PM12U08G-VIN-1Kelly GriffithU08G-6-3Sean Eubanks
Sat 06/06/201502:30 PM12U08G-VIN-1Kelly GriffithU08G-1-6Karen Willett
Sat 05/02/201501:00 PM10U08G-1-4Brian HallU08B-04Christopher Frey
Sat 05/09/201510:00 AM10U08G-1-4Brian HallU08G-1-3David Passmore
Sat 05/16/201502:30 PM12U08G-1-4Brian HallU08G-1-5Josh Budke
Sun 05/31/201504:30 PM10U08G-1-4Brian HallU08G-5-1Kim Bielefeld
Thu 05/14/201505:15 PM13U08G-1-3David PassmoreU08G-6-1Mike Casey
Sat 05/16/201501:00 PM10U08G-1-3David PassmoreU08B-14Tom Buonadonna
Tue 05/19/2015
06:15 PM
13U08G-1-3David PassmoreU08G-5-1Kim Bielefeld
Sun 05/31/201503:00 PM13U08G-1-3David PassmoreU08G-1-5Josh Budke
Sat 05/02/201508:30 AM12U08G-MTV-1Chris RodmanU08G-1-6Karen Willett
Sat 05/09/201502:30 PM11U08G-MTV-1Chris RodmanU08G-VIN-1Kelly Griffith
Thu 05/14/201505:30 PM8U08G-MTV-1Chris RodmanU08G-6-2Brad Butschi
Sat 05/30/201510:00 AM7U08G-MTV-1Chris RodmanU08G-5-2Maria Bowman
Sat 05/02/201509:30 AM12U08G-2-1Ron SmithU08G-1-3David Passmore
Sat 05/09/201509:30 AM12U08G-2-1Ron SmithU08G-1-5Josh Budke
Tue 05/12/201506:15 PM12U08G-2-1Ron SmithU08B-12Jason Fawcett
Sat 05/30/201509:30 AM12U08G-2-1Ron SmithU08G-1-4Brian Hall
Sat 06/06/201509:30 AM12U08G-2-1Ron SmithU08G-6-1Mike Casey
Sat 05/02/201501:00 PM12U08G-1-1Dave WallrichsU08G-6-3Sean Eubanks
Sat 05/09/201511:30 AM10U08G-1-1Dave WallrichsU08G-2-2Chad Erickson
Sat 05/16/201502:30 PM7U08G-1-1Dave WallrichsU08G-MTV-1Chris Rodman
Sat 05/30/201511:30 AM12U08G-1-1Dave WallrichsU08G-6-2Brad Butschi
Sat 06/06/201501:00 PM12U08G-1-1Dave WallrichsU08G-5-2Maria Bowman
Thu 05/14/201505:30 PM11U08G-1-6Karen WillettU08G-6-3Sean Eubanks
Tue 05/19/2015
05:30 PM
8U08G-1-6Karen WillettU08G-1-1Dave Wallrichs
Sun 05/31/201501:30 PM13U08G-1-6Karen WillettU08G-VIN-1Kelly Griffith
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colororange jersey and Jersey colororange socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorpurple jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.