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Playoffs schedules for June have been posted!
(updated 5/28/2017 1:53 AM)

Teams in the U10, U12 and U14 divisions will by playing playoffs games on
       Thursday June 1, Friday June 2, Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4.
Each team is scheduled to play 3 pool games. These games have been added to the schedule.
The best ranked teams after pool play will advance to the finals. The finals will be played at 3:30 PM (boys) and 5:20 PM (girls) on Sunday June 4. Rules and other details are posted on the Playoffs page.


Download schedule to Excel spreadsheet

Spring 2017

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
U07B-20Christa Kolbrak 206-715-5639
U07B-16Matt Davis 319-213-7036
U07B-06Russ Hopkins 319-310-3379
U07B-19Nicholas Neilsen 319-350-2303
U07B-18Kristopher Wood 319-350-8037
U07B-13Andrew Nelson 319-350-9156
U07B-10Steven Meeker 319-373-6138
U07B-14Ron Smith *319-378-0352
U07B-03Jason Olmstead 319-400-1017
U07B-05Billy Hallam 319-431-7213
U07B-15Robert LaDue *319-491-4127
U07B-04Christopher Frey 319-538-1736
U07B-07Alexa Petersen 319-573-5257
U07B-09Warren Lyon 319-573-7077
U07B-12Neil Murrin *319-651-1348
U07B-08Steven Klein 319-721-6513
U07B-17Craig Collins 319-899-9573
U07B-02Kyle Becker 319-929-0971
U07B-11Mike Morman *515-229-8420
U07B-01Patrick Axline 515-450-2741
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 04/08/2017Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 04/08/201708:30 AM10U07B-09Warren LyonU07B-07Alexa Petersen
Sat 04/08/201701:00 PM13U07B-18Kristopher WoodU07B-17Craig Collins
Sat 04/08/201701:00 PM12U07B-10Steven MeekerU07B-19Nicholas Neilsen
Sat 04/08/201704:00 PM10U07B-16Matt DavisU07B-20Christa Kolbrak
Sat 04/08/201708:30 AM7U07B-02Kyle BeckerU07B-03Jason Olmstead
Sat 04/08/201710:00 AM7U07B-13Andrew NelsonU07B-01Patrick Axline
Sat 04/08/201711:30 AM7U07B-12Neil MurrinU07B-05Billy Hallam
Sat 04/08/201701:00 PM7U07B-04Christopher FreyU07B-11Mike Morman
Sat 04/08/201702:30 PM7U07B-06Russ HopkinsU07B-15Robert LaDue
Sat 04/08/201702:30 PM8U07B-14Ron SmithU07B-08Steven Klein
Sat 04/15/201708:30 AM10U07B-19Nicholas NeilsenU07B-16Matt Davis
Sat 04/15/201701:00 PM13U07B-15Robert LaDueU07B-10Steven Meeker
Sat 04/15/201711:30 AM10U07B-20Christa KolbrakU07B-18Kristopher Wood
Sat 04/15/201702:30 PM13U07B-07Alexa PetersenU07B-06Russ Hopkins
Sat 04/15/201708:30 AM7U07B-01Patrick AxlineU07B-14Ron Smith
Sat 04/15/201710:00 AM7U07B-03Jason OlmsteadU07B-12Neil Murrin
Sat 04/15/201711:30 AM7U07B-08Steven KleinU07B-04Christopher Frey
Sat 04/15/201701:00 PM7U07B-05Billy HallamU07B-13Andrew Nelson
Sat 04/15/201702:30 PM7U07B-17Craig CollinsU07B-09Warren Lyon
Sat 04/15/201704:00 PM7U07B-11Mike MormanU07B-02Kyle Becker
Sat 04/22/201708:30 AM10U07B-06Russ HopkinsU07B-17Craig Collins
Sat 04/22/201711:30 AM8U07B-09Warren LyonU07B-20Christa Kolbrak
Sat 04/22/201702:30 PM8U07B-10Steven MeekerU07B-07Alexa Petersen
Sat 04/22/201711:30 AM13U07B-15Robert LaDueU07B-19Nicholas Neilsen
Sat 04/22/201708:30 AM7U07B-12Neil MurrinU07B-11Mike Morman
Sat 04/22/201710:00 AM7U07B-02Kyle BeckerU07B-08Steven Klein
Sat 04/22/201711:30 AM7U07B-14Ron SmithU07B-13Andrew Nelson
Sat 04/22/201701:00 PM7U07B-04Christopher FreyU07B-01Patrick Axline
Sat 04/22/201702:30 PM7U07B-18Kristopher WoodU07B-16Matt Davis
Sat 04/22/201704:00 PM7U07B-03Jason OlmsteadU07B-05Billy Hallam
Sat 05/06/201708:30 AM10U07B-19Nicholas NeilsenU07B-18Kristopher Wood
Sat 05/06/201710:00 AM10U07B-07Alexa PetersenU07B-15Robert LaDue
Sat 05/06/201711:30 AM10U07B-16Matt DavisU07B-09Warren Lyon
Sat 05/06/201704:00 PM10U07B-17Craig CollinsU07B-10Steven Meeker
Sat 05/06/201708:30 AM7U07B-13Andrew NelsonU07B-04Christopher Frey
Sat 05/06/201710:00 AM7U07B-05Billy HallamU07B-14Ron Smith
Sat 05/06/201711:30 AM7U07B-01Patrick AxlineU07B-02Kyle Becker
Sat 05/06/201702:30 PM8U07B-08Steven KleinU07B-12Neil Murrin
Sat 05/06/201702:30 PM7U07B-20Christa KolbrakU07B-06Russ Hopkins
Sat 05/06/201704:00 PM7U07B-11Mike MormanU07B-03Jason Olmstead
Mon 05/08/201705:30 PM10U07B-15Robert LaDueU07B-17Craig Collins
Mon 05/08/201705:30 PM7U07B-03Jason OlmsteadU07B-08Steven Klein
Tue 05/09/201705:30 PM10U07B-10Steven MeekerU07B-20Christa Kolbrak
Tue 05/09/201705:30 PM7U07B-12Neil MurrinU07B-01Patrick Axline
Thu 05/04/201705:30 PM7U07B-04Christopher FreyU07B-14Ron Smith
Thu 05/04/201705:30 PM11U07B-07Alexa PetersenU07B-19Nicholas Neilsen
Thu 05/11/201705:30 PM10U07B-06Russ HopkinsU07B-16Matt Davis
Thu 05/11/201705:30 PM7U07B-02Kyle BeckerU07B-13Andrew Nelson
Fri 05/12/201705:30 PM10U07B-09Warren LyonU07B-18Kristopher Wood
Fri 05/12/201705:30 PM7U07B-11Mike MormanU07B-05Billy Hallam
Sat 05/13/2017Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 05/13/201701:00 PM8U07B-20Christa KolbrakU07B-15Robert LaDue
Sat 05/13/201710:00 AM10U07B-16Matt DavisU07B-10Steven Meeker
Sat 05/13/201711:30 AM10U07B-17Craig CollinsU07B-07Alexa Petersen
Sat 05/13/201704:00 PM10U07B-19Nicholas NeilsenU07B-09Warren Lyon
Sat 05/13/201708:30 AM7U07B-08Steven KleinU07B-11Mike Morman
Sat 05/13/201710:00 AM7U07B-05Billy HallamU07B-04Christopher Frey
Sat 05/13/201711:30 AM7U07B-01Patrick AxlineU07B-03Jason Olmstead
Sat 05/13/201701:00 PM7U07B-14Ron SmithU07B-02Kyle Becker
Sat 05/13/201702:30 PM7U07B-18Kristopher WoodU07B-06Russ Hopkins
Sat 05/13/201704:00 PM7U07B-13Andrew NelsonU07B-12Neil Murrin
Mon 05/15/201705:30 PM10U07B-15Robert LaDueU07B-16Matt Davis
Mon 05/15/201705:30 PM7U07B-02Kyle BeckerU07B-04Christopher Frey
Tue 05/16/201705:30 PM10U07B-17Craig CollinsU07B-19Nicholas Neilsen
Fri 05/19/201705:30 PM12U07B-08Steven KleinU07B-05Billy Hallam
Tue 05/23/201705:30 PM7U07B-11Mike MormanU07B-01Patrick Axline
Mon 05/22/201705:30 PM7U07B-10Steven MeekerU07B-18Kristopher Wood
Fri 05/19/201705:30 PM7U07B-07Alexa PetersenU07B-20Christa Kolbrak
Thu 05/18/201705:30 PM7U07B-03Jason OlmsteadU07B-13Andrew Nelson
Thu 05/18/201705:30 PM11U07B-06Russ HopkinsU07B-09Warren Lyon
Thu 05/18/201705:30 PM10U07B-12Neil MurrinU07B-14Ron Smith
Sat 05/20/201708:30 AM10U07B-09Warren LyonU07B-10Steven Meeker
Sat 05/20/201710:00 AM10U07B-19Nicholas NeilsenU07B-06Russ Hopkins
Sat 05/20/201701:00 PM12U07B-18Kristopher WoodU07B-15Robert LaDue
Sat 05/20/201704:00 PM10U07B-16Matt DavisU07B-07Alexa Petersen
Sat 05/20/201708:30 AM7U07B-05Billy HallamU07B-02Kyle Becker
Sat 05/20/201710:00 AM7U07B-13Andrew NelsonU07B-11Mike Morman
Sat 05/20/201711:30 AM7U07B-14Ron SmithU07B-03Jason Olmstead
Sat 05/20/201701:00 PM7U07B-01Patrick AxlineU07B-08Steven Klein
Sat 05/20/201702:30 PM7U07B-20Christa KolbrakU07B-17Craig Collins
Sat 05/20/201704:00 PM7U07B-04Christopher FreyU07B-12Neil Murrin
Sat 06/03/201708:30 AM10U07B-17Craig CollinsU07B-16Matt Davis
Sat 06/03/201710:00 AM10U07B-18Kristopher WoodU07B-07Alexa Petersen
Sat 06/03/201711:30 AM10U07B-15Robert LaDueU07B-09Warren Lyon
Sat 06/03/201704:00 PM10U07B-10Steven MeekerU07B-06Russ Hopkins
Sat 06/03/201708:30 AM7U07B-08Steven KleinU07B-13Andrew Nelson
Sat 06/03/201710:00 AM7U07B-14Ron SmithU07B-11Mike Morman
Sat 06/03/201711:30 AM7U07B-12Neil MurrinU07B-02Kyle Becker
Sat 06/03/201701:00 PM7U07B-03Jason OlmsteadU07B-04Christopher Frey
Sat 06/03/201702:30 PM7U07B-20Christa KolbrakU07B-19Nicholas Neilsen
Sat 06/03/201704:00 PM7U07B-01Patrick AxlineU07B-05Billy Hallam
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colororange jersey and Jersey colororange socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorpurple jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.