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Notice for teams in U10, U12 and U14 divisions: 
(updated 3/31/2017 12:55 AM)

The schedule does NOT include the games for the playoffs (June 1, 2, 3 and 4) yet. These will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Make sure to check this website regulary for schedule updates.


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Spring 2017

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
U06G-01Chelsea McCurdy 319-377-7970
U06G-02Tony Renze 402-613-3201
U06G-03Robert LaDue *319-491-4127
U06G-04Seth Hatfield 319-550-6080
U06G-05Danielle Phippen *319-361-8772
U06G-06Jennifer Decker 319-558-9072
U06G-07McKinsey Burkle 319-784-7220
U06G-08Elijah Abel *319-390-4423
U06G-09Ben Long 319-531-0083
U06G-10Courtney St John 319-270-2421
U06G-11Sara Bark 319-390-6392
U06G-12Brian Braid 319-538-4353
U06G-13Brian Morrow 319-560-4346
U06G-14Ryan Ovel 319-360-7156
U06G-15Ryan Bildstein 319-310-5640
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 04/08/2017Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 04/08/201710:30 AM17U06G-06Jennifer DeckerU06G-07McKinsey Burkle
Sat 04/08/201710:30 AM18U06G-01Chelsea McCurdyU06G-04Seth Hatfield
Sat 04/08/201711:45 AM16U06G-02Tony RenzeU06G-05Danielle Phippen
Sat 04/08/201711:45 AM17U06G-03Robert LaDueU06G-14Ryan Ovel
Sat 04/08/201711:45 AM18U06G-08Elijah AbelU06G-15Ryan Bildstein
Sat 04/08/201701:00 PM16U06G-11Sara BarkU06G-10Courtney St John
Sat 04/08/201701:00 PM17U06G-03Robert LaDueU06G-09Ben Long
Sat 04/08/201701:00 PM18U06G-13Brian MorrowU06G-12Brian Braid
Sat 04/15/201710:30 AM17U06G-14Ryan OvelU06G-11Sara Bark
Sat 04/15/201710:30 AM18U06G-12Brian BraidU06G-08Elijah Abel
Sat 04/15/201711:45 AM14U06G-05Danielle PhippenU06G-06Jennifer Decker
Sat 04/15/201711:45 AM17U06G-14Ryan OvelU06G-15Ryan Bildstein
Sat 04/15/201711:45 AM18U06G-09Ben LongU06G-01Chelsea McCurdy
Sat 04/15/201701:00 PM16U06G-04Seth HatfieldU06G-13Brian Morrow
Sat 04/15/201701:00 PM18U06G-10Courtney St JohnU06G-02Tony Renze
Sat 04/15/201702:15 PM16U06G-07McKinsey BurkleU06G-03Robert LaDue
Sat 04/22/201710:30 AM17U06G-03Robert LaDueU06G-06Jennifer Decker
Sat 04/22/201711:45 AM17U06G-11Sara BarkU06G-07McKinsey Burkle
Sat 04/22/201711:45 AM18U06G-02Tony RenzeU06G-14Ryan Ovel
Sat 04/22/201701:00 PM15U06G-15Ryan BildsteinU06G-09Ben Long
Sat 04/22/201701:00 PM17U06G-11Sara BarkU06G-12Brian Braid
Sat 04/22/201701:00 PM18U06G-08Elijah AbelU06G-04Seth Hatfield
Sat 04/22/201702:15 PM17U06G-10Courtney St JohnU06G-05Danielle Phippen
Sat 04/22/201702:15 PM18U06G-13Brian MorrowU06G-01Chelsea McCurdy
Sat 05/06/201710:30 AM18U06G-09Ben LongU06G-13Brian Morrow
Sat 05/06/201711:45 AM17U06G-05Danielle PhippenU06G-03Robert LaDue
Sat 05/06/201711:45 AM18U06G-04Seth HatfieldU06G-10Courtney St John
Sat 05/06/201701:00 PM14U06G-07McKinsey BurkleU06G-02Tony Renze
Sat 05/06/201701:00 PM17U06G-01Chelsea McCurdyU06G-08Elijah Abel
Sat 05/06/201701:00 PM18U06G-14Ryan OvelU06G-10Courtney St John
Sat 05/06/201702:15 PM17U06G-06Jennifer DeckerU06G-11Sara Bark
Sat 05/06/201702:15 PM18U06G-12Brian BraidU06G-15Ryan Bildstein
Mon 05/08/201705:30 PM17U06G-02Tony RenzeU06G-06Jennifer Decker
Tue 05/09/201705:30 PM14U06G-15Ryan BildsteinU06G-04Seth Hatfield
Tue 05/09/201705:30 PM17U06G-11Sara BarkU06G-03Robert LaDue
Tue 05/09/201705:30 PM18U06G-02Tony RenzeU06G-01Chelsea McCurdy
Thu 05/11/201705:30 PM17U06G-14Ryan OvelU06G-05Danielle Phippen
Thu 05/11/201705:30 PM18U06G-08Elijah AbelU06G-13Brian Morrow
Fri 05/12/201705:30 PM17U06G-10Courtney St JohnU06G-07McKinsey Burkle
Fri 05/12/201705:30 PM18U06G-12Brian BraidU06G-09Ben Long
Sat 05/13/2017Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 05/13/201710:30 AM17U06G-05Danielle PhippenU06G-13Brian Morrow
Sat 05/13/201710:30 AM18U06G-06Jennifer DeckerU06G-10Courtney St John
Sat 05/13/201711:45 AM17U06G-05Danielle PhippenU06G-11Sara Bark
Sat 05/13/201711:45 AM18U06G-01Chelsea McCurdyU06G-15Ryan Bildstein
Sat 05/13/201701:00 PM17U06G-07McKinsey BurkleU06G-14Ryan Ovel
Sat 05/13/201701:00 PM18U06G-04Seth HatfieldU06G-12Brian Braid
Sat 05/13/201702:15 PM17U06G-03Robert LaDueU06G-02Tony Renze
Sat 05/13/201702:15 PM18U06G-09Ben LongU06G-08Elijah Abel
Mon 05/15/201705:30 PM17U06G-12Brian BraidU06G-01Chelsea McCurdy
Mon 05/15/201705:30 PM18U06G-15Ryan BildsteinU06G-13Brian Morrow
Tue 05/16/201705:30 PM17U06G-07McKinsey BurkleU06G-05Danielle Phippen
Tue 05/16/201705:30 PM18U06G-10Courtney St JohnU06G-03Robert LaDue
Thu 05/18/201705:30 PM17U06G-02Tony RenzeU06G-11Sara Bark
Thu 05/18/201705:30 PM18U06G-06Jennifer DeckerU06G-08Elijah Abel
Fri 05/19/201705:30 PM17U06G-14Ryan OvelU06G-06Jennifer Decker
Fri 05/19/201705:30 PM18U06G-04Seth HatfieldU06G-09Ben Long
Sat 05/20/201710:30 AM14U06G-12Brian BraidU06G-13Brian Morrow
Sat 05/20/201710:30 AM15U06G-15Ryan BildsteinU06G-08Elijah Abel
Sat 05/20/201710:30 AM17U06G-10Courtney St JohnU06G-11Sara Bark
Sat 05/20/201711:45 AM18U06G-06Jennifer DeckerU06G-07McKinsey Burkle
Sat 05/20/201701:00 PM17U06G-05Danielle PhippenU06G-02Tony Renze
Sat 05/20/201701:00 PM18U06G-09Ben LongU06G-07McKinsey Burkle
Sat 05/20/201702:15 PM17U06G-14Ryan OvelU06G-03Robert LaDue
Sat 05/20/201702:15 PM18U06G-04Seth HatfieldU06G-01Chelsea McCurdy
Sat 06/03/201710:30 AM17U06G-03Robert LaDueU06G-07McKinsey Burkle
Sat 06/03/201710:30 AM18U06G-01Chelsea McCurdyU06G-09Ben Long
Sat 06/03/201711:45 AM18U06G-13Brian MorrowU06G-04Seth Hatfield
Sat 06/03/201701:00 PM15U06G-02Tony RenzeU06G-10Courtney St John
Sat 06/03/201701:00 PM17U06G-11Sara BarkU06G-14Ryan Ovel
Sat 06/03/201701:00 PM18U06G-15Ryan BildsteinU06G-04Seth Hatfield
Sat 06/03/201702:15 PM17U06G-06Jennifer DeckerU06G-05Danielle Phippen
Sat 06/03/201702:15 PM18U06G-08Elijah AbelU06G-12Brian Braid
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colororange jersey and Jersey colororange socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorpurple jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.