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Photos are ready for pickup!

Elite Photo will have photos ready for pickup at Tuma on Saturday October 17, 2015. A representative (over the age of 18) of each team should pickup all photos for the whole team BEFORE their game at the pavilion by the concession stand starting at 7:45 AM. Check the Photo Schedule page for contact information of Elite Photo.


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Fall 2015

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
U06B-01Tim Nye 319-373-2794
U06B-02Jessica Liscum *319-360-1312
U06B-03Neil Murrin 319-651-1348
U06B-04Chad Thurm 319-447-0791
U06B-05James Wood 319-981-0856
U06B-06Kevin Brooks 978-580-7869
U06B-07Donald Foster 319-321-7438
U06B-08Chris Smith 319-447-0376
U06B-09Maury Anderson 319-364-0026
U06B-10Gerald Johnstone 319-361-7939
U06B-11Warren Lyon 319-573-7077
U06B-12Dave Howard *319-294-2750
U06B-13Kyle Becker 319-929-0971
U06B-14Dominic Governatori 319-432-1684
U06B-15Justin Schaefer 319-378-7566
U06B-16Sara Jones Thomas 319-832-1033
U06B-17Steve Meeker *319-373-6138
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Mon 09/14/201505:30 PM15U06B-09Maury AndersonU06B-15Justin Schaefer
Sat 10/03/201511:45 AM16U06B-09Maury AndersonU06B-03Neil Murrin
Sat 10/10/2015Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 10/10/201510:30 AM15U06B-09Maury AndersonU06B-17Steve Meeker
Sat 10/10/201511:45 AM15U06B-09Maury AndersonU06B-01Tim Nye
Sat 10/24/201501:00 PM14U06B-09Maury AndersonU06B-10Gerald Johnstone
Mon 09/14/201505:30 PM14U06B-13Kyle BeckerU06B-11Warren Lyon
Sat 10/03/201511:45 AM18U06B-13Kyle BeckerU06B-07Donald Foster
Sat 10/10/201501:00 PM17U06B-13Kyle BeckerU06B-04Chad Thurm
Sat 10/24/201510:30 AM16U06B-13Kyle BeckerU06B-02Jessica Liscum
Thu 09/17/201505:30 PM16U06B-06Kevin BrooksU06B-12Dave Howard
Sat 10/03/201501:00 PM16U06B-06Kevin BrooksU06B-05James Wood
Sat 10/10/201510:30 AM14U06B-06Kevin BrooksU06B-11Warren Lyon
Sat 10/24/201501:00 PM16U06B-06Kevin BrooksU06B-07Donald Foster
Sat 09/19/201501:00 PM16U06B-07Donald FosterU06B-01Tim Nye
Thu 10/08/201505:30 PM16U06B-07Donald FosterU06B-16Sara Jones Thomas
Sat 10/17/201501:00 PM15U06B-07Donald FosterU06B-09Maury Anderson
Sat 10/31/201511:45 AM16U06B-07Donald FosterU06B-12Dave Howard
Sat 09/12/2015Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 09/12/201501:00 PM14U06B-14Dominic GovernatoriU06B-06Kevin Brooks
Sat 09/19/201510:30 AM16U06B-14Dominic GovernatoriU06B-12Dave Howard
Sat 10/03/201510:30 AM18U06B-14Dominic GovernatoriU06B-07Donald Foster
Mon 10/05/201505:30 PM14U06B-14Dominic GovernatoriU06B-15Justin Schaefer
Sat 10/17/201510:30 AM15U06B-14Dominic GovernatoriU06B-05James Wood
Sat 10/17/201511:45 AM15U06B-14Dominic GovernatoriU06B-13Kyle Becker
Sat 10/31/201501:00 PM14U06B-14Dominic GovernatoriU06B-03Neil Murrin
Sat 09/12/201502:15 PM17U06B-12Dave HowardU06B-09Maury Anderson
Sat 10/03/201511:45 AM15U06B-12Dave HowardU06B-15Justin Schaefer
Sat 10/10/201501:00 PM14U06B-12Dave HowardU06B-03Neil Murrin
Sat 10/24/201510:30 AM15U06B-12Dave HowardU06B-17Steve Meeker
Sat 09/12/201510:30 AM14U06B-10Gerald JohnstoneU06B-04Chad Thurm
Mon 09/14/201506:15 PM17U06B-10Gerald JohnstoneU06B-05James Wood
Sat 09/19/201511:45 AM16U06B-10Gerald JohnstoneU06B-02Jessica Liscum
Mon 10/05/201505:30 PM16U06B-10Gerald JohnstoneU06B-13Kyle Becker
Sat 10/17/201511:45 AM14U06B-10Gerald JohnstoneU06B-08Chris Smith
Sat 10/31/201510:30 AM15U06B-10Gerald JohnstoneU06B-06Kevin Brooks
Tue 09/15/201505:30 PM16U06B-16Sara Jones ThomasU06B-03Neil Murrin
Sat 10/03/201501:00 PM14U06B-16Sara Jones ThomasU06B-17Steve Meeker
Sat 10/10/201501:00 PM15U06B-16Sara Jones ThomasU06B-10Gerald Johnstone
Sat 10/31/201510:30 AM14U06B-16Sara Jones ThomasU06B-08Chris Smith
Sat 10/31/201511:45 AM14U06B-16Sara Jones ThomasU06B-02Jessica Liscum
Thu 09/17/201505:30 PM14U06B-02Jessica LiscumU06B-07Donald Foster
Sat 10/03/201510:30 AM16U06B-02Jessica LiscumU06B-04Chad Thurm
Sat 10/10/201511:45 AM16U06B-02Jessica LiscumU06B-14Dominic Governatori
Sat 10/17/201501:00 PM14U06B-02Jessica LiscumU06B-01Tim Nye
Sat 09/12/201511:45 AM16U06B-11Warren LyonU06B-01Tim Nye
Sat 09/19/201510:30 AM15U06B-11Warren LyonU06B-16Sara Jones Thomas
Thu 10/08/201505:30 PM15U06B-11Warren LyonU06B-09Maury Anderson
Sat 10/17/201501:00 PM16U06B-11Warren LyonU06B-12Dave Howard
Sat 10/31/201501:00 PM16U06B-11Warren LyonU06B-05James Wood
Sat 09/12/201501:00 PM15U06B-17Steve MeekerU06B-02Jessica Liscum
Sat 09/19/201511:45 AM14U06B-17Steve MeekerU06B-13Kyle Becker
Tue 10/06/201506:15 PM15U06B-17Steve MeekerU06B-08Chris Smith
Sat 10/17/201510:30 AM14U06B-17Steve MeekerU06B-06Kevin Brooks
Sat 10/31/201511:45 AM15U06B-17Steve MeekerU06B-15Justin Schaefer
Sat 09/12/201510:30 AM15U06B-03Neil MurrinU06B-13Kyle Becker
Sat 09/12/201511:45 AM15U06B-03Neil MurrinU06B-07Donald Foster
Sat 09/19/201501:00 PM14U06B-03Neil MurrinU06B-08Chris Smith
Mon 10/05/201505:30 PM15U06B-03Neil MurrinU06B-06Kevin Brooks
Sat 10/17/201510:30 AM16U06B-03Neil MurrinU06B-15Justin Schaefer
Tue 09/15/201505:30 PM14U06B-01Tim NyeU06B-17Steve Meeker
Sat 10/03/201510:30 AM15U06B-01Tim NyeU06B-10Gerald Johnstone
Sat 10/24/201511:45 AM16U06B-01Tim NyeU06B-14Dominic Governatori
Sat 10/31/201501:00 PM15U06B-01Tim NyeU06B-13Kyle Becker
Sat 09/12/201510:30 AM16U06B-15Justin SchaeferU06B-08Chris Smith
Sat 09/19/201511:45 AM15U06B-15Justin SchaeferU06B-06Kevin Brooks
Sat 10/10/201501:00 PM16U06B-15Justin SchaeferU06B-05James Wood
Sat 10/24/201510:30 AM14U06B-15Justin SchaeferU06B-16Sara Jones Thomas
Sat 10/24/201511:45 AM14U06B-15Justin SchaeferU06B-11Warren Lyon
Mon 09/14/201505:15 PM17U06B-08Chris SmithU06B-05James Wood
Sat 10/03/201501:00 PM15U06B-08Chris SmithU06B-11Warren Lyon
Tue 10/06/201505:15 PM15U06B-08Chris SmithU06B-02Jessica Liscum
Sat 10/10/201511:45 AM14U06B-08Chris SmithU06B-07Donald Foster
Sat 10/24/201501:00 PM15U06B-08Chris SmithU06B-04Chad Thurm
Thu 09/17/201505:30 PM15U06B-04Chad ThurmU06B-14Dominic Governatori
Sat 09/19/201501:00 PM15U06B-04Chad ThurmU06B-06Kevin Brooks
Thu 10/08/201505:30 PM14U06B-04Chad ThurmU06B-01Tim Nye
Sat 10/17/201511:45 AM16U06B-04Chad ThurmU06B-16Sara Jones Thomas
Sat 10/31/201510:30 AM16U06B-04Chad ThurmU06B-09Maury Anderson
Sat 09/12/201511:45 AM14U06B-05James WoodU06B-16Sara Jones Thomas
Sat 09/19/201501:00 PM18U06B-05James WoodU06B-09Maury Anderson
Tue 10/06/201505:30 PM14U06B-05James WoodU06B-12Dave Howard
Sat 10/24/201511:45 AM15U06B-05James WoodU06B-03Neil Murrin
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colororange jersey and Jersey colororange socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorpurple jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.