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Fall 2014

Team Coach Phone Team Referee
U10G-1-10Craig Collins *319-899-9573
U12G-06-02Craig Collins *319-899-9573
U14B-6-02Craig Collins *319-899-9573
VIP-1Craig Collins *319-899-9573
VIP-2Craig Collins *319-899-9573
VIP-3Craig Collins *319-899-9573
VIP-4Craig Collins *319-899-9573
VIP-5Craig Collins *319-899-9573
VIP-6Craig Collins *319-899-9573
VIP-7Craig Collins *319-899-9573
VIP-8Craig Collins *319-899-9573

Photo Schedule

Team Date Time Info
U14B-6-02Sat 09/13/201401:00 PMPhotographer #3. Arrive 15 minutes early.
Check the Photo Schedule page for details.
Rain date: Sat 09/13/2014 at 04:00 PM.
Rain date photographer #3.
U10G-1-10Sat 09/13/201412:12 PMPhotographer #4. Arrive 15 minutes early.
Check the Photo Schedule page for details.
Rain date: Sat 09/13/2014 at 03:12 PM.
Rain date photographer #4.
U12G-06-02Sat 09/20/201411:24 AMPhotographer #3. Arrive 15 minutes early.
Check the Photo Schedule page for details.
Rain date: Sat 09/20/2014 at 02:24 PM.
Rain date photographer #3.
VIP-1Sat 09/20/201403:36 PMPhotographer #3. Arrive 15 minutes early.
Check the Photo Schedule page for details.
Rain date: Sat 09/20/2014 at 06:36 PM.
Rain date photographer #3.

Game Schedule

Date Time Field Home Team Coach Away Team Coach
Sat 09/06/2014Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 09/06/201409:30 AM19U10G-VIN-02Scott MeyerU10G-1-10Craig Collins
Sat 09/06/201412:00 PM5U12G-05-02Kim BielefeldU12G-06-02Craig Collins
Sat 09/06/201402:00 PM24U14B-1-01Christophe GrangerU14B-6-02Craig Collins
Sat 09/06/201404:00 PM13VIP-7Craig CollinsVIP-8Craig Collins
Sat 09/06/201404:00 PM14VIP-1Craig CollinsVIP-2Craig Collins
Sat 09/06/201404:00 PM15VIP-3Craig CollinsVIP-4Craig Collins
Sat 09/06/201404:00 PM16VIP-5Craig CollinsVIP-6Craig Collins
Mon 09/08/201405:45 PM24U14B-6-02Craig CollinsU14B-MTV-01Jody Kolker
Thu 09/11/201406:00 PM4U12G-06-02Craig CollinsU12G-VIN-03Rob Ott
Sat 09/13/201410:00 AM5U12G-06-02Craig CollinsU12G-MTV-02Chris Rodman
Sat 09/13/201412:30 PM20U10G-1-10Craig CollinsU10G-1-02Jim Conklin
Sat 09/13/201402:00 PM25U14B-6-02Craig CollinsU14B-SOL-01Garret Locke
Sat 09/13/201404:00 PM13VIP-7Craig CollinsVIP-8Craig Collins
Sat 09/13/201404:00 PM14VIP-1Craig CollinsVIP-2Craig Collins
Sat 09/13/201404:00 PM15VIP-3Craig CollinsVIP-4Craig Collins
Sat 09/13/201404:00 PM16VIP-5Craig CollinsVIP-6Craig Collins
Mon 09/15/201405:45 PM24U14B-1-03Alan TribbleU14B-6-02Craig Collins
Tue 09/16/201405:30 PM19U10G-1-08Trevor LucasU10G-1-10Craig Collins
Thu 09/18/201406:00 PM2U12G-VIN-01Kevin AtkinsonU12G-06-02Craig Collins
Sat 09/20/201409:30 AM21U10G-6-02Jason FawcettU10G-1-10Craig Collins
Sat 09/20/201412:00 PM5U12G-CPU-01Ron HeiderscheidtU12G-06-02Craig Collins
Sat 09/20/201402:00 PM23U14B-SOL-02Garret LockeU14B-6-02Craig Collins
Sat 09/20/201404:00 PM13VIP-7Craig CollinsVIP-8Craig Collins
Sat 09/20/201404:00 PM14VIP-1Craig CollinsVIP-2Craig Collins
Sat 09/20/201404:00 PM15VIP-3Craig CollinsVIP-4Craig Collins
Sat 09/20/201404:00 PM16VIP-5Craig CollinsVIP-6Craig Collins
Mon 09/22/2014
05:30 PM
6U10G-1-10Craig CollinsU10G-1-07Aaron Spaete
Sat 09/27/201404:00 PM13VIP-7Craig CollinsVIP-8Craig Collins
Sat 09/27/201404:00 PM14VIP-1Craig CollinsVIP-2Craig Collins
Sat 09/27/201404:00 PM15VIP-3Craig CollinsVIP-4Craig Collins
Sat 09/27/201404:00 PM16VIP-5Craig CollinsVIP-6Craig Collins
Sat 10/04/2014Kids ZoneKids Zone

Kids Zone Awareness Day
Sat 10/04/201409:30 AM20U10G-1-10Craig CollinsU10G-6-01Chris Cejka
Sat 10/04/201412:00 PM2U12G-06-02Craig CollinsU12G-01-04Josh Budke
Sat 10/04/201402:00 PM25U14B-6-02Craig CollinsU14B-CPU-02Rob Bowen
Sat 10/04/201404:00 PM13VIP-7Craig CollinsVIP-8Craig Collins
Sat 10/04/201404:00 PM14VIP-1Craig CollinsVIP-2Craig Collins
Sat 10/04/201404:00 PM15VIP-3Craig CollinsVIP-4Craig Collins
Sat 10/04/201404:00 PM16VIP-5Craig CollinsVIP-6Craig Collins
Sat 10/11/201408:00 AM19U10G-1-10Craig CollinsU10G-1-01Travis VanDerKamp
Sat 10/11/201412:00 PM23U14B-6-02Craig CollinsU14B-VIN-01Megan Rickels
Sat 10/11/201402:00 PM2U12G-06-02Craig CollinsU12G-ANA-01Josh Breitbach
Sat 10/11/201404:00 PM13VIP-7Craig CollinsVIP-8Craig Collins
Sat 10/11/201404:00 PM14VIP-1Craig CollinsVIP-2Craig Collins
Sat 10/11/201404:00 PM15VIP-3Craig CollinsVIP-4Craig Collins
Sat 10/11/201404:00 PM16VIP-5Craig CollinsVIP-6Craig Collins
Sat 10/18/201409:30 AM19U10G-CPU-02Sarah EikenberryU10G-1-10Craig Collins
Sat 10/18/201412:00 PM2U12G-06-01Brad WalkerU12G-06-02Craig Collins
Sat 10/18/201402:00 PM23U14B-1-02Chris MorahanU14B-6-02Craig Collins
Sat 10/18/201404:00 PM13VIP-7Craig CollinsVIP-8Craig Collins
Sat 10/18/201404:00 PM14VIP-1Craig CollinsVIP-2Craig Collins
Sat 10/18/201404:00 PM15VIP-3Craig CollinsVIP-4Craig Collins
Sat 10/18/201404:00 PM16VIP-5Craig CollinsVIP-6Craig Collins
Sat 10/25/201408:00 AM24U14B-6-02Craig CollinsU14B-CPU-01Rob Bowen
Sat 10/25/201410:00 AM2U12G-06-02Craig CollinsU12G-02-01Chris Carstensen
Sat 10/25/201412:30 PM19U10G-1-10Craig CollinsU10G-6-03Dan Wood
Sat 10/25/201404:00 PM13VIP-7Craig CollinsVIP-8Craig Collins
Sat 10/25/201404:00 PM14VIP-1Craig CollinsVIP-2Craig Collins
Sat 10/25/201404:00 PM15VIP-3Craig CollinsVIP-4Craig Collins
Sat 10/25/201404:00 PM16VIP-5Craig CollinsVIP-6Craig Collins
Sat 11/01/201409:30 AM20U10G-CPU-01Scott LangridgeU10G-1-10Craig Collins
Sat 11/01/201412:00 PM5U12G-01-03Chris TofanelliU12G-06-02Craig Collins
Sat 11/01/201402:00 PM33U14B-MTV-01Jody KolkerU14B-6-02Craig Collins
Sat 11/01/201404:00 PM13VIP-7Craig CollinsVIP-8Craig Collins
Sat 11/01/201404:00 PM14VIP-1Craig CollinsVIP-2Craig Collins
Sat 11/01/201404:00 PM15VIP-3Craig CollinsVIP-4Craig Collins
Sat 11/01/201404:00 PM16VIP-5Craig CollinsVIP-6Craig Collins
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colororange jersey and Jersey colororange socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorpurple jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.