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Fall Referee Training

Registration using eayso.org is required.

Location: Faith Lutheran Church, 155 Boyson Road, Marion
Saturday, August 27 from 8am-5pm

Everyone must register online using eayso.org.  New referee’s will need to register as a volunteer (or youth volunteer), and take the online training for Safe Haven, CDC Concussion awareness, and the online basic referee training.  The online basic referee training will provide a solid preview to multiply understanding.

New Referees:
Logon to eAYSO.org (this is the same system used for registering players).  On the home page, select New Adult Volunteer.  During this process, you will receive an AYSO ID, take note of this number.
Navigate to www.aysotraining.org, and use your AYSO ID to logon (this is how training is tracked).  Run thru the Safe Haven training (required for all volunteers), CDC Concussion Awareness training, and the online basic referee training.  Each of these can be repeated numerous times.

Course Registration:
From the home page of eAYSO.org, open the “my profile” menu item and select “Course Signup”.  Search on Marion, IA to filter our courses.  You will see Basic Referee Course & Intermediate Referee Course listed.  The instructors listed on these courses are Bryce Schellhorn and Shawn Block.

Please contact me with any questions you have.

Shawn Block


We need referees!

Looking for a great way to volunteer and play a significant part in the AYSO East Central Iowa region? Become a referee! No experience is necessary. We provide the training, uniforms, and mentoring at no cost to you.

For referee training, please sign-up.

If you have questions, send an email to: refereeadmin@ayso-cr.org

Shawn Block
Region 1112 Referee Administrator

Referee Administration Team
Referee Administrator Shawn Block
Mentor Program Coordinator Mark Holt
Referee Scheduler Heather Richardson
Director of Instruction Bryce Schellhorn
Youth Referee Administrator <Open>
​Player Referee Organization ​Matt Milburn


AYSO Region 1112 Referee's website: www.aysoreferee-cr.org


  PDF document AYSO FIFA Laws Of The Game 2012-2013
  PDF document AYSO Guidance for Referees, Coaches, Other Volunteers and Parents 2012-2013
  PDF document AYSO National Rules and Regulations 2012
  PDF document USSF Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Game 2011
  PDF document USSF Guide to Procedures for Referee, Assistant Referees and Fourth Officials

Referee Code of Conduct

  • Always remember that the game is for the players. Player safety and fair play comes first.
  • Study and learn the Laws of the Game and understand the "spirit" of the Laws. Help fellow referees do the same.
  • Encourage and enforce the AYSO philosophies of "Everyone Plays", "Positive Coaching" and "Good Sportsmanship".
  • Respect other referees' decisions, and do not publicly criticize another official.
  • Wear the proper uniform and keep it in good condition.
  • Maintain good physical condition so you can keep up with the action.
  • Stay calm when confronted with emotional reactions from players, coaches, parents, and spectators.
  • Support good sportsmanship with a kind word to players, coaches and parents of both teams when deserved.
  • Always be fair and impartial, avoiding conflicts of interest. Decisions based on personal bias are dishonest and unacceptable.