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2008 Playoffs trophy and medal winners 

We are asking teams to show up at the award ceremony in their soccer uniforms. Team pictures will be taken after your team has received their awards.
The colors listed in the third column indicates what jersey and socks color the players should wear at the awards ceremony.

 U10 Boys
 Place  Team  Jersey/Socks
 1  U10B-1-04 Ron Smith  Blue/Blue
 1  U10B-5-01 Dick Briggs  Lime/Black
 3  U10B-MTV-1 Richard Herrmann  Blue/Blue
 4  U10B-1-05 Tim Hicks  Lime/Black
 GS  U10B-MTV-1 Richard Herrmann  Blue/Blue
 U10 Girls
 Place  Team  Jersey/Socks
 1  U10G-2-01 Todd Bell  Blue/Blue
 2  U10G-1-04 Chris Morahan  Lime/Black
 3  U10G-3-01 Colleen Andrews  Blue/Blue
 4  U10G-6-03 Kelly Steele  Lime/Black
 GS  U10G-VIN-01 Regina Milroy  Blue/Blue
 U12 Boys
 Place  Team  Jersey/Socks
 1  U12B-MTV-1 Neil Rud  Blue/Blue
 2  U12B-5-01 Lucas Hawkins  Lime/Black
 3  U12B-1-03 Steve Suskind  Blue/Blue
 4  U12B-1-05 David Greve  Lime/Black
 GS  U12B-1-02 Pete Fuhrmann  Blue/Blue
 U12 Girls
 Place  Team  Jersey/Socks
 1  U12G-01-01 Bill Thompson  Blue/Blue
 2  U12G-06-01 Brian Cohen  Lime/Black
 3  U12G-01-03 Mark Young  Blue/Blue
 4  U12G-MTV-01 Jeff Schmatt  Lime/Black
 GS  U12G-02-01 Karie Schatz  Blue/Blue
 U14 Boys
 Place  Team  Jersey/Socks
 1  U14B-ANA-01 Farley Gerber  Blue/Blue
 2  U14B-MTV-01 Kevin Mote  Lime/Black
 3  U14B-1-01 Chuck Freitag  Blue/Blue
 4  N/A  Lime/Black
 GS  U14B-1-01 Chuck Freitag  Blue/Blue
 U14 Girls
 Place  Team  Jersey/Socks
 1  U14G-1-02 Oscar Rodriguez  Blue/Blue
 2  U14G-1-03 Doris Ackerman  Lime/Black
 3  U14G-1-01 Henk Rook  Blue/Blue
 4  U14G-MTV Jeff Schmatt  Lime/Black
 GS  U14G-1-01 Henk Rook  Blue/Blue

 GS = Good Sports Award