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Region 1112 Playoffs, June 2 - June 5

  PDF document AYSO Region 1112 Playoffs Rules (Last updated: May 18, 2016)


Playoffs schedules and rules might change unitil the day prior to the start of the playoffs (June 2nd). Make sure to check this page regulary. 

5/18/2016 Playoffs schedule posted.

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Playoffs Spring 2016

Pool W - U14 Boys
TeamCoachPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
U14B-VINMegan Rickels0000000
U14B-03-02Ashley Kanellis0000000
U14B-01-03Jim Conklin0000000
Pool X - U14 Boys
TeamCoachPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
U14B-01-02Chris Tofanelli0000000
U14B-SOL-01Garret Locke0000000
U14B-01-01Julie Grimes0000000
Pool Y - U14 Boys
TeamCoachPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
U14B-03-01Mike Plagge0000000
U14B-06-01Craig Collins0000000
U14B-02-01Tapuwa Tavaziva0000000
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Goals Away Team Coach Goals
Thu 06/02/201605:30 PM23U14B-VINMegan RickelsU14B-03-02Ashley Kanellis
Thu 06/02/201605:30 PM25U14B-01-02Chris TofanelliU14B-SOL-01Garret Locke
Thu 06/02/201605:30 PM27U14B-06-01Craig CollinsU14B-03-01Mike Plagge
Fri 06/03/2016Bye U14B-VINMegan RickelsByeBye
Fri 06/03/201605:30 PM23U14B-01-02Chris TofanelliU14B-01-03Jim Conklin
Fri 06/03/201605:30 PM27U14B-03-02Ashley KanellisU14B-02-01Tapuwa Tavaziva
Fri 06/03/201606:50 PM25U14B-03-01Mike PlaggeU14B-01-01Julie Grimes
Sat 06/04/201609:20 AM25U14B-01-01Julie GrimesU14B-01-02Chris Tofanelli
Sat 06/04/201610:40 AM23U14B-SOL-01Garret LockeU14B-06-01Craig Collins
Sat 06/04/201610:40 AM27U14B-02-01Tapuwa TavazivaU14B-03-01Mike Plagge
Sat 06/04/201612:00 PM25U14B-01-03Jim ConklinU14B-VINMegan Rickels
Sat 06/04/201604:00 PM23U14B-SOL-01Garret LockeU14B-01-01Julie Grimes
Sat 06/04/201604:00 PM25U14B-06-01Craig CollinsU14B-02-01Tapuwa Tavaziva
Sat 06/04/201605:20 PM23U14B-03-02Ashley KanellisU14B-01-03Jim Conklin
   U14B Championship Finals:
Sun 06/05/201603:30 PM231st ranked team in pool W,X,Y with most points vs. 1st ranked team in pool W,X,Y with second most points
   U14B 3rd Place Finals:
Sun 06/05/201603:30 PM251st ranked team in pool W,X,Y with third most points vs. 2nd ranked team in pool W,X,Y with most points
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colororange jersey and Jersey colororange socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorpurple jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.