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Region 1112 Playoffs, June 2 - June 5

  PDF document AYSO Region 1112 Playoffs Rules (Last updated: May 18, 2016)


Playoffs schedules and rules might change unitil the day prior to the start of the playoffs (June 2nd). Make sure to check this page regulary. 

5/18/2016 Playoffs schedule posted.

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Playoffs Spring 2016

Pool S - U12 Girls
TeamCoachPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
U12G-VIN-02Brenda Bartz9300228
U12G-06-01Jason Fawcett9300227
U12G-06-04Chris Siemens0030013-7
U12G-ANAJosh Breitbach0030016-9
Pool T - U12 Girls
TeamCoachPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
U12G-04-01Devon Hess9300219
U12G-02-01Chris Carstensen411105-1
U12G-06-02Brad Walker1021010-4
Pool U - U12 Girls
TeamCoachPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
U12G-VIN-01Scott Meyer7201214
U12G-01-01Kaleb Eby7201214
U12G-01-03Chris Tofanelli3120130
U12G-06-05Seth Hatfield0030015-8
Pool V - U12 Girls
TeamCoachPointsWinsLossesTiesShutoutsGoals AllowedGoal Differential
U12G-01-04Brian Hall9300309
U12G-MTVLoren Hoffman6210051
U12G-01-02Chad Regennitter312009-1
U12G-06-03Bruce Lyon0030016-9
Date Time Field Home Team Coach Goals Away Team Coach Goals
Fri 06/03/201606:50 PM2U12G-01-03Chris Tofanelli0U12G-01-01Kaleb Eby2
Sat 06/04/201610:40 AM4U12G-01-02Chad Regennitter0U12G-01-04Brian Hall7
Sat 06/04/201612:00 PM2U12G-06-05Seth Hatfield0U12G-01-03Chris Tofanelli6
Sat 06/04/201605:20 PM2U12G-06-05Seth Hatfield0U12G-01-01Kaleb Eby2
Sat 06/04/201606:40 PM4U12G-MTVLoren Hoffman0U12G-01-04Brian Hall3
   U12G Championship Finals:
Sun 06/05/201605:20 PM2U12G-01-04Brian Hall0U12G-04-01Devon Hess2
Thu 06/02/201606:50 PM5U12G-02-01Chris Carstensen1U12G-06-02Brad Walker1
Fri 06/03/201605:30 PM1U12G-06-04Chris Siemens1U12G-02-01Chris Carstensen3
Fri 06/03/201606:50 PM3U12G-ANAJosh Breitbach1U12G-04-01Devon Hess5
Sat 06/04/201612:00 PM1U12G-01-01Kaleb Eby1U12G-VIN-01Scott Meyer1
Sat 06/04/201612:00 PM3U12G-06-03Bruce Lyon1U12G-MTVLoren Hoffman4
Sat 06/04/201606:40 PM1U12G-VIN-01Scott Meyer1U12G-01-03Chris Tofanelli0
   U12G 3rd Place Finals:
Sun 06/05/201605:20 PM3U12G-VIN-02Brenda Bartz1U12G-VIN-01Scott Meyer0
Fri 06/03/201605:30 PM3U12G-MTVLoren Hoffman2U12G-01-02Chad Regennitter1
Fri 06/03/201606:50 PM1U12G-06-02Brad Walker2U12G-06-01Jason Fawcett3
Sat 06/04/201604:00 PM1U12G-06-04Chris Siemens2U12G-VIN-02Brenda Bartz4
Fri 06/03/2016Bye U12G-VIN-02Brenda Bartz3ByeBye0
Sat 06/04/201604:00 PM3U12G-04-01Devon Hess3U12G-02-01Chris Carstensen0
Sat 06/04/201605:20 PM4U12G-01-02Chad Regennitter3U12G-06-03Bruce Lyonforfeit
Sat 06/04/201606:40 PM3U12G-06-01Jason Fawcett5U12G-ANAJosh Breitbach0
Sat 06/04/201609:20 AM2U12G-VIN-02Brenda Bartz6U12G-ANAJosh Breitbach0
Sat 06/04/201610:40 AM2U12G-06-01Jason Fawcett6U12G-06-04Chris Siemens0
Sat 06/04/201610:40 AM3U12G-04-01Devon Hess6U12G-06-02Brad Walker0
Fri 06/03/201605:30 PM2U12G-VIN-01Scott Meyer7U12G-06-05Seth Hatfield0
Fri 06/03/201606:50 PM4U12G-01-04Brian Hall9U12G-06-03Bruce Lyon0
Team listed first ('Home Team') wears Jersey colororange jersey and Jersey colororange socks.
Other team ('Away Team') wears Jersey colorpurple jersey and Jersey colorblack socks.